Jody Wagner = Republican Lite

May 7, 2009

Looks like “Jody Who?” and her disastrous campaign are starting to reveal their true colors to members of the Democratic community. Take a look at what Chris Graham at the Augusta Free Press and Chair of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee said recently:

First, in reference to “Jody Who?’s” whining press release regarding the DPVA’s decision about petition signatures—

Whoever in the Wagner campaign thought it was advisable to share these thoughts publicly should be sacked… this statement makes it look like the Wagner campaign is maybe running scared for some reason…”

Second, Graham takes “Jody Who?” otherwise known as “Jody GOP” to task for her Republican Lite attitude and utter inability to win in November against Bill Bolling:

“I’m not the only person in the Democratic fold, though, with concerns about how Republicans will play her role in the current state budget mess from her days as Secretary of Finance, and how Democrats will take her Republican Lite approach to important policy issues… I’m not sure I can foresee at this point a scenario where she can win in November given the current structure of her campaign.

And lastly, Graham notifies us that apparently “Jody Who?” has refused to travel and even talk to Virginians in some parts of the state.

And then a personal note – I have given up trying to make contact with the Wagner campaign to get an interview set up or a visit to Waynesboro and Augusta County to meet with local voters to talk issues with us here. I can understand a busy schedule with appearances in vote-rich areas in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads precluding an in-person visit, even as we’ve had several visits from the equally busy gubernatorial candidates and chances to talk with Jon Bowerbank in person and two opportunities to talk by phone with Signer.”

Don’t take it personal Chris–Augusta and Waynesboro Democrats aren’t the only ones “Jody Who?” refuses to show up for. Obama and Hillary feel the same way. I mean heaven forbid what would happen if her highness should get stuck in traffic??!!!!


What’s “Jody Who?” Smoking?

May 2, 2009

It must be some of that whacky stuff that Glenn Nye has because “Jody Who?” is flipping her shit. We called her out for raking in the big bucks from a an anti-worker law firm that now funds her campaign, for being the only statewide Democratic candidate who can’t be bothered with voting in the ’04, ’05, and historic ’08 primaries or attending events with 500+ grassroots activists.

We dared to mess with her free ride to the Lt. Governor nomination and “Jody Who?” is getting desperate. Her latest move in claiming she’s the rightful heir to the throne nomination is having an over sexed drug addict endorse her campaign.

Now everyone knew Glen Nye couldn’t have been in his right mind when he refused to support President Barack Obama’s budget that would have helped millions of Americans who are barely making ends meet. Anyone who cares about the working class thought the same thing when he endorsed “Jody Who?” for Lt. Governor. The folks at Political Incubus have a scoop on what is really beneath all these illogical decision.

Our story begins with Nye’s campaign manager, Rick Fromberg. Rick learned of Nye’s marijuana usage early on in the campaign and told the eager candidate that the usage would have to stop during the campaign. It turns out that Nye had staff over to his house often, particularly for call time and such. Nye had specifically labeled one of his downstairs bathrooms as “off limits”. A few staffers disobeyed this order and entered the bathroom, only to find the soon to be Congressman’s private stash of marijuana. According to staffers, they told Rick Fromberg who became irate. Rick supposedly told the Congressman that, again, he needed to stop smoking pot during the campaign. According to staffers, the marijuana usage continued after that summer incident all the way to the fall.This is, unfortunately, not all of our story. It also appears that Glen Nye the horny Congress Guy wasn’t satisfied with just his 420 habit. In order to keep Nye from random hookups, Rick Fromberg delivered his sister, Marcy Fromberg, to Nye for his enjoyment. Their sexual relationship continued throughout the campaign. We at PI do not condemn Nye for wanting a little action, but we think it’s a bit weird to get the hookup from your campaign manager’s sister. We also have huge concerns over the fact that, during the time she was sleeping with Nye, Marcy Fromberg was on payroll from the DPVA (Democratic Party of Virginia) to the tune of $1400 every two weeks. One has to ask, what part of that sum was for her responsibilities with the soon to be Congress guy Glen Nye?

So there you have it. “Jody Who?” hates workers, hates the grassroots, hates voting, and loves getting endorsed by drug addicts. Somehow I don’t think those of the qualifications for someone who should get a free ride to the Lt. Governor nomination.

“Jody Who?” Stumped By Traffic Again

May 1, 2009

“Jody Who?” is so special that she hosted a house party to watch the netroots debate the other night. How darling, she even tweeted about it.

My husband and I are hosting a watch party right now for the debate– everyone is carefully watching our candidates!

That’s so sweet “Jody Who?” got to spend time with her hubby and their Republican friends. Too bad she was the only statewide Democratic candidate who couldn’t be bothered to actually attend the event. Just like primaries in 04, 05 and the history making 08 presidential, her highness the rightful heir to the LG nomination couldn’t be bothered to show up. She just sat at home and refused to actually interact with the activists who worked so hard to put on the debate.

Update : Just got a statement from Queen Wagner’s campaign manager on why “Jody Who?” couldn’t bother to show up.

“Jody was fully intending to attend the netroots debate in Blacksburg, but she turned on the news and it clearly showed slow traffic from her home on the beach all the way to the debate. Being an expert in missing important shit because of traffic Jody decided it would be easier to stay in Virginia Beach and hang out with her Republican anti-union friends. We got some great pictures of Jody and Bob McDonnell watching the debate from bed, we will post them later.”

Jody Profits From Efforts to Stop Overtime Pay for Firefighters

April 30, 2009

“Jody Who?” should be ashamed of herself. The law firm that paid her large sums for being a partner and is now funding her campaign is not only anti-worker but also fought against overtime pay for firefighters. WHAT?!!

All that these brave public servants wanted was to be properly paid for the long hours that they put in protecting families in Norfolk. But, “Jody Who?’s” law firm fought hard to prevent the firefighters the overtime pay they deserved. Thankfully the courts ruled against “Jody Who?’s” campaign backers and gave these firefighters the overtime pay they deserve.

As a partner at Kaufman & Canoles during this case “Jody Who?” PERSONALLY profited from this case and its claims against overtime pay for firefighters. As Lieutenant Governor, will she do the same?
Say no to “Jody Who?” getting a free ride to the Democratic Lt. Governor nomination.

“Jody Who?” Tainted By Smithfield Association

April 28, 2009

Yesterday, we highlighted how “Jody Who?” was a partner at and has received mega-campaign contributions from Kaufman and Canoles, a law firm that has also repeatedly stood against workers rights. In fact, they’re so anti-labor they even stand against workers in their mission statement.

And, just when you thought that wasn’t bad enough –it gets worse.

Kaufman and Canoles is so well-known among the Anti-Labor community that they have been named as the “Go-To” law firm for Smithfield Foods in the area of labor and employment. (Daily Press, July 4, 2006).

Yes, folks. I’m talking about that Smithfield Foods. The one that human rights groups have said create a “climate of fear” among workers and hate unions so much that they go as far as beating the people who are trying to organize the workforce. Facing a union election, Smithfield harassed and fired union supporters, and even forced employees to stamp the words “Vote No” on dead hogs. Just in case that wasn’t bad enough you can read more about Smithfield’s anti-union record by following this link.

This is the kind of company that “Jody Who’s” lawfirm represents. These are the people who paid her salary for 20 years and who are now paying for her campaign. Just imagine what she would condone if elected Lt. Governor?

It’s never cool for people to stand against workers. But, “Jody Who?” just doesn’t get that and now she wants to be Lt. Governor at a time when we need someone who is willing to stand up and protect workers.

Anti-Workers Firm Fund “Jody Who?” For Lt. Governor

April 27, 2009

Just when you thought “Jody Who?” couldn’t be any more attached to the Anti-Labor movement it gets so much worse. Not only was “Jody Who?” a partner at the Anti-Labor firm Kaufman & Canoles for 20 years– profiting from their anti-worker clients, but the firm also appears to be significantly bankrolling her campaign!!!!!! (see here and here)

According to finance reports, “Jody Who?’s” free ride to the Democratic nomination appears to be paid for and authorized by Kaufman and Canoles, LLC. Blue Virginia reported a few weeks ago that the folks at Kaufman and Canoles contributed almost $40,000 to her campaigns for political office—well we did some checking and after looking at the latest financial reports it appears as if it is now up to $46,000!!!!!

So, just to get this straight: “Jody Who?” has no problem working for and accepting money from an extremely anti-union firm, “Jody Who?” goes around campaigning on the fact that she is going to stand against pro-worker legislation, “Jody Who?” refuses to support Democratic candidates like Chuck Robb, and “Jody Who?” can’t even do her Democratic duty and show up to vote in the most historic primary in Virginia history? But—“Jody Who?” is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor?

Seriously? Is that the best Virginia can do? NO WAY.

We need a Lt. Governor who is going to bring us back to working on kitchen-table issues, issues that affect the needs of everyday working men and women. We need a Lt. Governor who is going to stand up for unions and for our working families.

“Jody Who?’s” free ride to the nomination ends here.

Keep checking back and you’ll see more evidence in the coming weeks….

“Jody Who?” Law Firm Tries Spreading Fear of Workers’ Rights

April 27, 2009

Holy Cornopolis.

EFCA is coming up for consideration because leaders with any sort of commonsense know we need to stand up for workers. “Jody Who?” wants a free ride to the Lt. Governor nomination when she clearly doesn’t agree. “Jody Who?” was a partner at the law firm Kaufman and Canoles. A law firm that actively “represented management” and helped clients with “union avoidance.” Want an example of their union avoidance. Check out their recent newsletter warning of the horrors of EFCA.

Not Worried About Unions? Maybe You Should Be!

Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act of 2009 (“EFCA”) is just around the corner. This legislation creates the potential for a radical expansion in union activity, and he makes unionization much easier. President Barack Obama was an original sponsor of the legislation, and made support for EFCA an element of his presidential campaign. With strengthened Democratic representation in the Senate and House, and strong support from the White House, look for passage early this year.

The EFCA will create a new method for unions to gain representation and bargaining rights for workers. Currently, most union campaigns center around obtaining sufficient “check cards” from workers to force a secret-ballot election on whether the workforce wants to unionize. While an election can be required if as few as 30% of the workers sign the cards, in practice unions tend to seek elections only where a solid majority of the workforce has signed. However, under EFCA, a union can obtain representation and bargaining rights in a facility simply by having a majority of workers sign cards: no election needed! Since there is no limit on the number of times a union organizer can attempt to convince an employee to sign, many observers contend that the EFCA scheme will make unionization much more widespread. As soon as fifty-percent-plus-one employees sign cards, the employer will have to deal with a union.

In years past, once a union was recognized, an employer was required to engage in good faith bargaining with the union; if the bargaining failed, the employer could impose terms of employment – at the risk, of course, of a strike. Under EFCA, once a union is “in” employers and unions are still required to bargain in good faith towards a first contract, but the process will be very different if bargaining does not produce a contract quickly. An impasse in negotiations will trigger mandatory mediation and, after that, mandatory and binding arbitration to determine the terms of the first contract.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) predicts that the bill will pass by “early Spring” at the latest.

Practical Pointer

Employers who discover that they have been targeted for a unionization campaign remain free to make presentations to their workers, during working hours, about the benefits of a union-free workplace. Since the EFCA allows proceeding without an election, the “no meetings 24 hours before an election” rule does not limit employer initiative in this area. (Remember, though, that all of the standard constraints on unfair labor practices remain fully in force: employers may not promise or threaten workers, or even interrogate them as to their position on the union.) If EFCA is enacted, employers in susceptible industries should consider a regular program of educating employees on why a union is not needed or wanted in your workplace.

And this is the law firm of the woman who wants to be our next Lt. Governor. Unacceptable. Simply unacceptable. “Jody Who?” must have really thought she was going to get a free ride to the nomination if she planned on getting away with hiding her partnership at a law firm that has such a disregard for workers.

“Jody Who?” Betrays Workers Too

April 25, 2009

When “Jody Who?” isn’t backstabbing Chuck Robb, or utterly failing to do her Democratic duty by not voting in 3 of the last 4 Democratic primaries, it seems as though “Jody Who?” has found time to utterly bet It seems as though “Jody Who?” has a pattern of betraying the core values and the core people who represent the Democratic Party and all it stands for. A few weeks ago, the folks at Blue Virginia wrote glimpses into the story of how “Jody Who?” was a partner at a law firm that actively “represented management” and helped clients with “union avoidance.” For anyone who needs a reminder we happily direct you to read their fine work.

With those type of associations “Jody Who?” doesn’t sound like someone who would stand up for Virginia’s hard-working families as Lt. Governor does she?

There’s more damaging information coming next week about Jody’s refusal to stand up for workers.

Just you wait.


“Jody Who?” Backstabbing Her Way to the Nomination

April 24, 2009

“Jody Who?” is so apathetic about her civic duty that she didn’t vote in the presidential last year. But it gets worse. She refused to support Democrat Chuck Robb for Senate in 2000 when he was running against George Allen.


When she was asked about it in a debate, the Virginia Pilot reports she said ”Frankly, I’m not supporting anybody for the U.S. Senate.” If “Jody Who?” can’t decide to support a strong Democrat running against George Allen, how can we trust her to make important decisions as Lt. Governor? (Virginian-Pilot, September 21, 2000)

Even former Democratic Party Chair Paul Goldman took “Jody Who?” to task for her betrayal of Virginia Democrats. In a letter to the Virginian-Pilot Goldman criticizes “Jody Who?” for “backstabbing” Chuck Robb and deceiving Democratic voters who were unaware of her opposition to Robb when they nominated her. (Virginian-Pilot, September 28, 2000)

“Backstabbing” Chuck Robb usually isn’t on the resume of someone seeking a Democratic nomination. I guess “Jody Who?” didn’t think of that when she planned on getting a free ride through the primary.

“Jody Who?” Tries Sleight of Hand

April 24, 2009

“Jody Who?” must be really confused. Virginians wanted her to explain why she couldn’t be bothered to vote in an important election. Then she waited over 48 freakin hours to respond and when she did, she still didn’t explain her apathy.

Now don’t get me wrong her staff did have time to complain to Not Larry Sabato about petitions again even though that was settled weeks ago. So, really who cares?

The real story: Jody can’t give a plausible explanation for her shoddy voting record, so her inept campaign lamely tries to change the subject hours later. What’s more “Jody Who?” is freaking out because people are messing with her easy ride to the nomination. Well “Jody Who?” –TOO BAD.

Hundreds of thousands of Virginians did their civic duty in 2004, 2005, and 2008 but “Jody Who?” couldn’t be bothered. “Jody Who?” wants to be Lt. Governor but couldn’t even vote in the Lt. Governor primary four years ago. And “Jody Who?” wants Democrats to stand with her, yet she chose to stand with John McCain.

What a joke.


Must be time for another distraction.

We’re not going to fall for this sleight of hand. What’ll happen if “Jody Who?” needs to break a tie in the Senate? Will she get stuck in traffic then too?